The new Adventure Sports Package from LEER takes you and your gear where the adventure is! With places to stuff, lock, stow and rack everything from paddles to pooches, bikes to barbecues, your truck and your gear are secure, protected, ready to play hard and come home dirty.

Only a LEER-equipped truck can give you that kind of multi-functional, go-anywhere, do-anything flexibility - No Sport Utility or minivan can match it, that's for sure! Turn YOUR pickup into the Ultimate Backpack with the Adventure Sports Package from LEER.

No one knows more than LEER and Thule when it comes to getting you and your gear to where the action is! This special LEER package includes more places to for your gear than any other cap in the world - PLUS, it comes with high-value added extras you'll need in camp, on the trail, in the water, or on the slopes.


The Adventure Sports Package includes:

  • Thule Tracker II Roof Rack System w/Locks
  • Your choice of a Genuine Thule Accessory for
    your Thule Rack - choose from: (pics below)
    • "Top Deck " w/HeavyDuty Straps and Bow/Stern tie downs for a kayak
    • "Big Mouth " for a bike
    • "Load Stops" w/Heavy Duty Straps and tie owns for canoe and general cargo
    • "Flat Top" for skis and snowboard
    • "Quest Bag" for clothes, luggage and other loose gear
  • Ceiling-mounted nylon Gear Net for clothes,
    blankets, towels, life jackets, other bulky supplies
  • 3-Way 12V Power Outlet Block
  • Dual dome lights (12V and battery)
  • Interior carpet headliner
Thule Tracker II
Roof Rack System


Gear Net


Optional Upgrade: Thule
Aero Bar Roof Rack


Your Adventure Sports Package includes your choice of one of these genuine Thule Accessories:

Thule "Big Mouth"
for a bike
Thule "Top Deck"
w/straps for a kayak

Thule "Quest" Gear Bag

Thule "Load Stops" w/tie downs & straps
Thule "Flattop" (6 pr)
for skis, snowboards, etc.

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