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**Indicates factory seconds

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**07-13 Silverado, CC, SB 6, Leer 100XR, 37 Blue #SL9466



04-13 Colorado CC XSB, Leer 180, Red #74, Pet Screens #FL8877




07-13 Silverado, CC, 6' bed, Leer 100XR, 46 Blue Granite, Pet Screens, Headliner, Extra 12V Dome #FL3175T




07-13 Sierra CC, SB, Leer 100XL, 74 Red, Headliner, Tracks #FL4917T



14+ GM RC/XC/CC, SB Leer 100RCC, GAZ White, FSW, D/S Door, Tracks #FL7663T




**07-13 Silverado, CC, SB leer 180, 37 Imperial Blue, Headliner, Tracks, Gun Box, #SL4397T




07-13 GMC CC, 6' bed, Leer 100R, 412p Sonoma Red, Tracks #L8056NW



**14+ GM RC/XC/CC, 6.5, Leer 180CC, Tool Boxes, Tracks, GLE Deep Ruby  #SL5579T




99-06 Chevrolet CC, SB Leer 100RCC, 50 White, tool boxs, Side Door, Tracks #FL8849T



**14+ GM RC/XC/CC, XSB Leer 100XL, Over Cast Effect, RFSW #SL9825



**14+ GM RC/XC/CC, SB Leer DCC, White, 26 inch height, Dome lights #SL6775



**14+ GM RC/XC/CC, XSB, Leer 100XQ, 412 Butte Red, Headliner, FSW #SL6790T



**14+ GM RC/XC/CC, XSB Leer 100XL, 405y7 Tri Coat, RFSW, Headliner, #SL7412



15+ GM Colorado/Canyon, RC/XC/CC, SB, Leer 180XR, GPA Grey, headliner, FSW #FL8965



**15+ GM Colorado/Canyon, RC/XC/CC, XSB, Leer 100R, Windoors, White #SL2159T



**14+ GM CC, XSB, Leer 100XR, Red #SL2059



**14+ GM RC/XC/CC, XSB Leer 100R, GAV, windoors, tracks, headliner #SL8476T



**14+ GM RC/XC/CC, XSB Leer XQ, G1K Blue, Keyless entry #SL9255T




07-13 Silverado, CC, SB, Leer 100RCC, 46 Blue Granite, Windoors, Box's, #FL8010T



14+ GM RC/XC/CC, XSB Leer DCC, White, Barn Doors #L6291T



Pre-owned Chevrolet/GM


07-13 Silverado CC, SB 6 Leer 180 25 Blue #U9592-7T


07-13 Chevrolet CC, SB, Leer 100XR, FWS, Headliner, Tracks, 72 Red #U3476-7T


07-13 Silverado, CC, SB, Leer 100R, SB Pewter #U7234-6


99-06 GM EC, SB, Leer 100R, White #U5294-5T


99-06 GM All Step Sides, SB, Leer , Black #U6299-7T


14-18 Silverado CC, XSB, Leer 180 Blue, Windoors, Headliner, Tracks #U1231-9T


99-06 GM EC, SB, Leer 100XR, Black, FFW #U0137-6T


04-12 GM RC/XC, SB, Leer Challenger, White #U1001-6T


14-18 GM RC/XC, XSB, Leer Ranch, Red #U1907-9T


14-18 GMC All, XSB  Leer 180, Gray, Headliner, dual clothes hangers, Blue #U2848-9T


14-18 GMC All, SB  Leer 180, Gray, Headliner, Blade Silver #U2361-9T


14-18 GMC All, XSB  Leer 180, Gray, gutters #U9690-9T


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