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**Indicates factory seconds


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**05-up Dodge Dakota XC, SB, Leer 180, PRP Cherry Red, Tracks #FL6906T



**09-up Ram, QC, SB, Leer 100R, PBJ Blue,  #SL6651T



**09-up Dodge MC/RC, SB, Leer 100R, PRP Red, FSW #SL1937



**09-up Dodge CC, XSB Leer 100R, Red #SL0704



**09-up Ram, QC, LB, Leer 100XL, PR4 Flame Red, Auto pt., windoors, boxes H&L, Rear Screens protector, Light Bar, Code able locks #SL5334



09-up Ram, XSB, Leer 100XR, CC, Headliner, PBJ Atlantic Blue #FL0205



**09-up Dodge, XSB, Leer 100XL, PXR Grey, Headliner, FSW #SL1498T



**09-up Dodge, QC, SB, Leer 100R, Blue, #SL6651T



Pre-owned Dodge


19 Ram Any, SB, Leer 100XR, Black, Headliner, Leer Locker, Tracks and Rack, FSW, Thule Tracker Two's #U5495-19T


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Ford ~ General Motors ~ Dodge ~ Toyota ~ Nissan

Various pre-owned Lids in stock for details.

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